Childish Gambino – Sunrise

I cannot believe how versatile this guy is. When I first heard his song “Freaks and Geeks” I said to myself “Wow, Donald Glover ain’t a bad rapper.” Now, when I catch him performing standup I say

“Wow, Childish Gambino ain’t a bad comedian.”

For those who don’t know of him yet, Donald Glover is an actor and comedian. After gaining fame from his internet sketches on Derrick Comedy he was able to contribute to Robot Chicken, Community, and The Muppets.

Most people familiar with his rapping career only know his song “Freaks and Geeks” so I thought it was necessary to bring light to some of his other songs. “Sunrise” is upbeat with a very catchy hook.


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Schoolboy Q- Hands on the Wheel

Schoolboy Q, a member of the supergroup Blackhippy (Ab Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock),released “Hands on the Wheel” earlier this year off the album “Habits and Contradictions”. This song is perfect to listen to if you are getting ready to go out and party or if you’re at a party. It happens to be Friday, so perfect time to start drinking some brews.

Download the album here

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Adventure Club- Wait


Adventure Club is a DJ duo formed by local musicians Christian Srigley & Leighton James
from Montreal. Not normally a fan of dubstep, adventure club “wait” is a song that I
really can get into. They have good use of building up and dropping the song at
the perfect times.

Available free for download from SoundCloud:


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Cris Cab- Rihanna’s Gun

Cris Cab, a up and coming reggae artist hailing from Miami teams up with Wyclef on the
catchy song “Rihanna’s Gun” off his mixtape “Echo Boom”. Cris Cab has the voice and unique style to make it far in the music industry. Another song to check out is “Good Girls”, in which Cris teams up with Big Sean. In my opinion, he is one of the better reggae
artists I’ve seen a long time.


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Kinematic – In Between

As I am a glorified nerd, the other day I was listening to NPR’s program “This American Life.” The feature program had ended and instead of leaving a prolonged silence as it switched to a complementary segment, NPR instead chose to play a bit of music. The song they chose to play was unknown to me but beautiful and since I was driving, I was unable to scramble to write down the lyrics. Fortunately they kept the song on their online syndicated program. Here it is. enjoy

Kinematic is an independent rock band from Australia. They were formed in 2000 and have since released three studio albums. Their song “In Between,” from the album The 38th Parrallel sounds eerily similar to the late Elliott Smith. Unfortunately, this is the highest quality version available free online but the iTunes purchase I made was worth it.


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Black Light Dinner Party- Gold Chain

Black Light Dinner party, a  electro collective group of producers from multiple cities,
is fairly unknown and have yet to release an album. “Gold Chain” offers layers of synths and powerful vocals that creates an incomparable sound acceptable for any mood. Not to mention a cameo appearance from Ron Jeremy in the “Gold Chain” music video, how can you hate them.

Also, I recommend checking out songs: “Small Boxes” and “Older Together”.

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XV- Her Favorite Song

XV, an up and coming artist out of Kansas, recently released his mixtape
“Popular Culture”. “Her favorite song” is one of my personal favorites off
the mixtape. Keep an eye out for XV and his ep, “I’m awesome”, released
on June 26, 2012.

For free download of his Popular Culture mixtape following the link below:


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